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Automate Your Trades

GrowFx EA

24/5 Auto-trading Ai software

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Tired of sitting for hours on charts?

Get Fully Automated Trades

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Non-Martiangle EA by growfxbots

Non-Martiangle EA

Auto Hedging System by growfxbots

Auto Hedging System

Secures Account with Inbuilt News Filter by growfxbots

Consitent passive income

GrowFx's EA uses an advanced ai trading strategy to take automatic trades in the market. Our inbuilt safety system ensures your account is always secure, even in the most volatile market situations.

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Why Choose GrowFx for Bot Trading

India's #1 auto trading software with advanced auto hedging system

Easy to Use by growfxbots
points by growfxbots

Easy to Use

Our system is easy to set up and use, with no hassle or code required.

GrowFx's AI-powered forex analysis system is designed to be user-friendly, allowing traders of all levels to make better investment decisions with ease.

Smart Budgeting

Our smart budgeting system ensures that your resources are spent wisely, optimizing your investment returns within 11 month.

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Budget Friendly Advance Software

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Advance Hedging Concept

Smart Budgeting algo trading
Algo trading robot by growfxbots
Most Trustable algo trading by growfxbots
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Most Trustable

Our system provides the trustable factors for your invested capital.

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Accurate Market Insights

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Real-Time Trade 

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24/5 Active bot

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User-Friendly Interface

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Ai trading


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Why Clients

Choose GrowFx

Good and consistent returns

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  • Why Should I Trade With Growfx Bots?
    Best auto trading software with advanced auto hedging system, easy to use, and provide accurate market insights.
  • What must be min capital?
    At-least 1000$ is required to be on a lower risk.
  • Can i use any broker?
    Yes, you can choose your preferred broker. But we recommend to trade with EXNESS broker:
  • VPS is required?
    Yes, you need a VPS to run your trading bot continuously
  • What are the returns?
    This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. We avg about 6% – 9% profit monthly which is at very low risk.
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We are not certified financial advisors, and the opinions We express are purely speculative and should not be taken as financial advice. Trading and mining cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, along with the Stock Market and FOREX Market are inherently risky, and no guarantees can be made regarding profitability. It is crucial to conduct your own research before making any investment and to understand the associated risks. All investments made based on this information are speculative. We do not hold responsibility for any potential losses.

WE ARE NOT REGISTERED WITH SEBI. In accordance with SEBI guidelines, this YouTube Channel is for educational purposes ONLY and NOT for any form of trading or investment advice. Make trades based on your own study and after consulting your financial advisor. YOU are responsible for your own gains and losses. "Grow FX" does not assume any responsibility for your financial results.

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